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What is a Moose? A man or woman belonging to The Moose. Woman can also belonging to the Women of the Moose as men can belong to The Moose Legion. These members, over 857,321 strong, make up the two components of the fraternal organization known as The Moose. Their membership is held in any one of 1,500 Lodges and 1,300 Chapters throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Bermuda. Moose International headquarters is approximately 40 miles west of Chicago at Mooseheart, Illinois.

Men and women join The Moose for a variety of reasons, including Family Activities, Community Service projects and member sports programs, just to name a few. While these activities offer each Moose member a valid reason to join, the main endeavors of the fraternity remain Mooseheart, the 1,000 - acre Illinois home and school for children in need, and Moosehaven, the 70-acre Florida retirement community for senior members in need. These residents, entrusted to the care and support provided by membership in The Moose, are constant living reminders of the humanitarian efforts of Moose members.

IIMPORTANT NOTICE: The Moose is a private organization. All activities and events on this Web site and in the Moose newsletters published herein are available to members in good standing and their qualified guests only. This Web site is for informational purposes with proprietary information intended for members only. General information is available to the public at large, but should not be construed to be a solicitation for membership. This Web site is an initiative of the Painesville Moose Lodge 490, and is not sanctioned by the Loyal Order of Moose, Moose International or any subsidiary thereof. All logos, trademarks and service marks pertaining to the Loyal Order of Moose and/or its programs or degrees are copyrighted © by Moose International, Inc., Mooseheart, Illinois.