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Congratulations to the following LOOM Officers & Members:

Bill Halsey – Past President, District 10.
Cliff Ranier – Secretary Western Reserve 7, Secretary of District 10, State Audit Committee
Glenn Kraly – Prelate, Western Reserve 7
Paul Zimperman – Treasurer, District 10
Doug Ayers – Sgt Arms, Western Reserve 7
Paul Zimperman – Treasurer, District 10
Ryan Bunch – Outside Guard, District 10
Clint Ross – Inside Guard, District 10

Congratulation to Glenn Kraly our newest fellow.

Congratulations to Cliff Ranier our newest & only Moose Legion "Pilgrim".



District 10 Meeting Schedule


Loyal Order of Moose (LOOM)

Governor: Paul Zimperman

Jr. Governor: Duane (Clint) Ross

Prelate: Alvin Bunch

Treasurer: Glenn Kraly

Administrator: Cliff Ranier

Past Governor: Doug Ayers

1 yr Trustee: Ryan Bunch

2 yr Trustee: David Watkins

3 yr Trustee: .................

Sergeant At Arms: Les Wallbeck

Women of the Moose (WOTM)

Sr. Regent: Tracy Ayers

Jr. Regent: Kathy Michalski

Secretary/Treasurer: Rebeca Eubanks

Recorder: Letty Prado

Jr. Graduate Regent:Tina Brenenstuhl

Guide: Annette Potts

Assistant Guide: Wendy Winters

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